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Why .SPORT TLD domain?

Sport is a great leveler. Given the chance, anyone – from the poorest child to the world’s richest man – can experience it .Sport can remove the social and ethnic divisions that still grip much of the world and with that comes equality, integrity and the opportunity of success. These, amongst other things are what we seek to emulate within the new .SPORT generic Top Level Domain (TLD).

What is .SPORT TLD domain registry?

Sport encompasses a vast array of concepts, people and activities and is not merely made up of organised sports. Other stakeholders such as: unorganized sports (e.g. community social leagues, company sponsored after-work sports recreational leagues); sports equipment manufacturers and retailers; media outlets such as newspapers, TV, bloggers and so forth are all crucial members of sport.
Passion is the essence of sport and we hope to capture this within .SPORT largely using the valuable platform presented by the internet and the new generic Top Level Domain (TLD).

How to get your .SPORT TLD domain?

The .SPORT generic TLD is intended and designed to increase availability and access to create, produce and disseminate informative, creative and innovative sport related content. The value of the .SPORT generic Top Level Domain (TLD) is undeniable, and the .SPORT generic Top Level Domain (TLD) will be the first choice generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name for stakeholders who have, or expect to have, online sport-related interactions now and in the future. We envisage that this will be an innovative and revolutionary enterprise in which the sport community will be able to trust and enjoy.Click Here!